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About Us

Alankar Yoga is started by Dr. Manish Thakur(Thakur Yoga Group) on 5 Feb 2012 by the grace of god. It is driven by a group of people who are dedicated to provide healthy & long term life solutions at your doorsteps and at Center. Alankar Yoga provides Home classes, Corporate classes,Yoga for disease, Acupressure, Therapeutic yoga and meditation etc.

Exactly what does "yoga for everyone" mean? We've heard from people all over the country that they simply can't afford to do yoga on a regular basis. Yoga is an amazing form of exercise that helps strengthen, stretch and de-stress the body, and focus and decompress the mind. We want to make it possible for everyone to do yoga regardless of economic limitations. Yoga is meant to help strengthen and stretch your arms and legs, not cost you one!

Who does this yoga? Everyone. Really! The beauty of this yoga is that it is challenging enough for all, yet not too extreme and therefore accessible to everyone. The ages of our students have ranged from 5 to 80. Yoga has many benefits:

  • People do yoga because it helps them look and feel great.
  • Yoga helps tone and sculpt muscles while gaining strength, flexibility and balance.
  • In a world of stress, yoga helps people decompress and achieve a sense of inner peace, aiding in healing injury or disease.

The five points of yama, together with the five points of niyama, remind us of the Ten Commandments of the Christtian and Jewish faiths, as well as of the ten virtues of Buddhism. In fact, there is no religion without these moral or ethical codes. All spiritual life should be based on these things. They are the foundation stones without which we can never build anything lasting.