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Yoga Therapies for Mental Counsling By Alankar Yoga Fitness Center!

Alankar Yoga Fitness Center provides the Mental Counsling Program. Available to all students, staff, and faculty Mental Counsling Program educates our community on how we can make our mental level cool and clam along with others, as well as family, socity.
We are providing Open Talk informal, confidential, drop-in consultation for students who might be unlikely to seek traditional mental health services at our Mental Counsling Program and/or are impacted by stigma of seeking professional help. not a substitute for formal counseling or crisis services but it’s an opportunity to get advice, help with problem solving, assist with referrals to CAPS or provide other resources. Open Talk primary goal is engagement and it is meant to remove barriers to accessing mental health services at Mental Counsling Program.


we provide different therapies for mental counsling..